Our research collective Bordering Actors is not active at the moment. Therefore, this website is not updated regularly. We recommend consulting our personal websites for more information about our current projects.

Bordering Actors is a three women's research collective formed in 2014, as a result of an intensive, one-year period of research collaboration. What we share is a persistent interest in the politics of location and knowledge production, themes which each of us has had to counter also on a personal level given our positionings as white researchers working at the fringes of different social and political movements that are not exactly our own.

"Bordering Actor", a term developed by a Norwegian sociologist Per Otnes in his article "Retrospect on the Sámi Nation: Text, context, field, symbolic violence. Confessions of a Bordering Actor" (Dieđut 4/2006), describes well the paradoxes and potential of this positioning – without excluding a sense of self-irony. 

Why a research collective? 

As a research collective, we hope to further strengthen our collaboration, and to respond to some of the impediments that the increasingly competitive academic environment imposes upon the possibilities and potential of genuinely collaborative forms of working. For instance, by publishing our research as a collective, we are able to challenge the present academic system which forces co-authors to categorize and value the products of their collaboration by setting their names in a hierarchical ranking order. The aim, therefore, is not to "fade out" or conceal our personal authorship, but to represent it in a way that respects our mutual equality, and to highlight the impact and significance of collaboration also for each of us individually.     

This web site provides information on our publications and ongoing work. In addition, our aim is to gather here a broad directory of links, texts and other resources that we consider important and interesting, and which we would like to bring to wider attention. 

Who are we?

Hanna Laako holds a PhD in Political Science, and more specifically, in World Politics, from the University of Helsinki (2011). Currently she is a postdoctoral researcher in the… Read more  

Laura Junka-Aikio works as a post-doctoral researcher at the Giellagas institute for Sámi Studies in the University of Oulu, Finland. Her PhD thesis (2011, University of East London, UK), examined Palestinian political subjectivity and... Read more  

Tiina Seppälä holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Lapland, where she works as a post-doctoral researcher. Her PhD thesis (2010) dealt with the anti-war movement and…Read more