I currently work as a post-doctoral researcher at the Giellagas institute for Sámi Studies at the University of Oulu, Finland. My PhD thesis (2011, University of East London, UK), examined Palestinian political subjectivity and the politics of its representation in the context of the second intifada, and it was inspired and motivated largely by questions, experiences and concerns that I had faced earlier, working as a photographer and journalist trying to "represent" Palestinian lives and resistance under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. 

The aim of my present research is to analyze the ways in which politics and the political has been articulated in the context of Sámi Research in Finland, from the 1970s until present. What joins my past and present work is an interest in the politics and ethics of research and knowledge, anticolonial thought and practice, and the ways in which politics and the political might be rearticulated in the context of contemporary postcolonial and late modern societies. In addition to academic research, I have worked on these themes through arts, especially photography.




Cultural Studies of Extraction
A Special Issue for the journal Cultural Studies
Editors: Laura Junka-Aikio (University of Oulu, Finland) and Catalina Cortes-Severino
(Universidad Javeriana, Colombia)


"Can the Sámi speak now? Deconstructive Research Ethos and the debate on who is a Sámi in Finland". Cultural Studies. Published online in 24 November 2014.

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"The Politics of Gaza Beach: at the Edge of the Two Intifadas". Third Text: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture (2006), 20: 3 & 4, 417-428.

Works in visual arts (selected)

Happy in Gaza

Tourism Day